Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Yours sincerely

~ I want to wake up with the sun streaming thru my window, And a smile that says “another day to live it up”
~I want to lie on my bed at night and feel the satisfaction of a day well lived because I put a smile on someone’s face or showed someone love.
~i want to appreciate all the little things I see, like a baby’s smile or a mother’s laugh, I want to feel the joy of every moment.
~I want to love like my life depends on it cos it does, Just like you Jesus I want feel the depth of wat it means to love.
~I want to forgive, yes, people are goin to hurt me, but I want to look em in the eye and say “its ok, ive hurt pple too”.
~I want to forget, its one thing to forgive,and another to forget, I want to look at people that have hurt me and feel nothing but love for them.
~I want sing, even wen I go off key, I want to still sing every song with passion because theres a lot more to music than just my voice.
~I want to write, so that my kids would have a chance live in the moment with mom, and  they’ll get a feel of wat my life was like.
~I want to be in church every Sunday, because God was at my house all week long its time I went to his House and told him how awesome I think he is.
~I want to laugh every time I type lol, lwkmd or lmao. I want to let out that hearty laugh that wud have pple laughin wit me too.
~I want to cry wen im hurt because ill be stronger wen Im done.
~I want to shed tears of joy everytime I achieve something I worked hard for and every moment that takes my breath away, I want my eyes filled wit tears.
~I want to pray , for everyone and everything, anywhere and anytime.
~I want to look in the mirror with the widest smile ever because I love wat I see and because of all the amazing thing im yet to do.
~I want to be thankful for every moment, every smile, every tear, and every single person in my life
~I want to do all these things and so much more but above all I want to live for God and build a castle of memories that nothing can bring down.

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Be blessed!