Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Greatness of Our God!

I had the most amazing time in church today!!!!!! There is amazing joy in the presence of God! Service had a mix of good and bad! Two people passed away the night before in a car accident. Death never sits well even when you do not know the individuals..something in me still breaks and I'm reminded of how fragile our life on earth is and how we should make the most of every day we are blessed with. The good news was to see a lady we prayed for last week in church. She has cancer and we were told she was given days to live while in the hospital.. It was so nice to see her in church singing and dancing.. I was just soooo happyyyyy!!! Never spoken to her but she is one of those ladies I admire:)

The best part of service for me today was the sermon!! we had a guest speaker and she spoke on "Worship". The tittle of the message was about "awakening the silence". Omg..there were so many awakening moments in this message but all that I have been meditating on has been JOB 38! She referred us to this scripture and it is about God questioning Job.

This Scripture describes the greatness of our God! it reminds me that God is the BOSS BOSS!! It questions who I think I am? What I think I have, what I think I can do, what I think I have accomplished... Seriously after reading this scripture again after church.. I feel so minute and small!!!! My problems and challenges look like little jokes!!! The scripture confirms that I can never fully comprehend the greatness of God.

I'm just in awe of your greatness GOD!!!!
Your ways are not my ways
Your thoughts are not my thoughts
You are indescribable
You are the best creator ever known
You are the best father a child could wish for
You are the one who is and  is to come
You are love!!! Your are great!!!
And I worship You for who You are

It is true when they say that "the more you worship God, the smaller your problems become"!!!
If you have read this post to this point, choose to focus on the greatness of God this week!!! If you don't know where to start from or if you do not even think He is great, Click here to read Job 38. You can Continue to Job 41 for a full picture.

Its a new week and I really thought I should remind you all about how great our God is!!
Have a great week all and no matter the unexciting and uninteresting events you face this week, just focus on the greatness of God and do not quite worshiping.

Love you all and thanks for reading:)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soooooo Furiousssss!

My nice quiet Saturday afternoon was ruined when I read a post on a blog a follow. A girl was raped by 5 animals called boys! I could not even finish reading what really happened...I was just furious!!! They did not just rape her.. the recorded the nonsense and passed it around on campus!!!

I am waiting patiently to see how my country will handle this situation.. In times like this I wish i was the presidents wife or someone with more power and authority.. these boys would not see the light of day for the rest of their lives. They do not deserve to live or even die quickly... They need a slow and painful death! Like seriously.. what if she was your sister, mother or daughter????

Now everyone is cursing not just them, but heir generations and families! This is exactly how people ruin their lives and generations. Tomorrow, someone will marry them and have to deal with all the curses. Do people even think of their future or children when they act????

NOw there are some foolish human beings who have been asking the blogger to post the video so they can see! I don't even have words to describe those good for nothing individuals!!! And others are saying this should go as a lesson to girls out there who disrespect guys!!! Are you kidding me! These two group of people should be jailed as well as far as I am concerned because people like them are a threat to the society.

I pray for the this girl! If I'm feeling the way I am.. I can only imagine how they feel. Lord please comfort her! Please show her your love! The bible says you use the foolish things of this world to dumbfound the wise! Let this turnout to something great and huge for this innocent girl! Please Lord remind her that you love her and that she is truly valuable to you. I pray that she will be great and you will open doors unto her. I pray you will heal of of this wounds! And finally Lord, please may these boys not go unpunished in JESUS NAME.. AMEN

Friday, September 16, 2011

Rare and Unique

I came home from work and decided to catch up with my recorded show- "The View"( I don't miss it). Anyways there were two interesting guest on the show. They proved to me that there is forgiveness and there is forgiveness!

A lady was featured on the show! She forgave the boy who murdered her son! She just did not forgive him, she calls him her spiritual son. He now leaves next door to her. He calls her his mum. As if that was not enough. She wears a necklace with a picture of her and her son (her biological son) and when you flip the necklace, it is a picture of the boy who killed her son!!!! It is important to note that the guy is  now a grown and a responsible man now ( he completed his jail term). But thennnnnn!

How did she do it? Those ladies on the view were pretty curious and I was too! And the question came.. How are you able to forgive this much??? ( oh before i forget.. the guy was on the show too) And she answered  "this is purely the grace of God". The audience applauded her after she said that! I was like oh wow.. they even recognize this is not normal.. because people rarely clap when God is mentioned on these shows!

But really who won't agree that such level of forgiveness only takes the grace of God!!!! Your only Son was killed and here you are calling the killer your son! Oh my! She said God asks us to forgive and she decided to obey! That show made me think about what I really consider as forgiveness! I think there are levels of forgiveness!!! Although she did not just get to this level over night.. she eventually got there and I believe is rare and unique and definitely takes the grace of God!

What do you think??

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Think the Worse- Part 2

Guy: It will definitely be a good opportunity to see Molly again. Our relationship ended without explanations and it will be really nice to finally ask her what really happened. Hmmmmm.. what if you findout you are still attracted to her?? Nooooo.. thats not possible. I have moved on, i'm in a committed relationship and I love Kezy very much. I would never hurt her. So basically.. this meeting will be to gain closure. Hmmmmm... should I tell Kezy why i'm travelling this weekend? I mean she should understand... Would you understand such a trip??? Hmmm... Welll she does not need to know. Hmmmm.. you said u'll be visiting friends.. someone will tell her you were in town. Hmmm.. I guess I won't visit anyone.. i'll just spend the... oh no.. i'll tell her i'm going to visit my friends.. She know I have friends there so its a lot easier

Wednesday b4 the Friday

Going to see Molly a week before her wedding is not a good idea at all. What if people see us? What sin will you commit?? you are just meeting over supper and talking things through and wishing her the best in her married life. Hmmmm.. what if people see us together? We'll our relationship was not really public and it has been five years.. so no one would even think its anything more than supper. Hmmmm... i think she said she never told her hubby to be about our short lived fun filled relationship. So even if he somehow knows about the supper.... it could be a co-worker, or skoolmate or a friend from church. Hmmmmm... i have to ask her why she has not told her hubby about us. Molly.... such a secretive young woman.. I have to tell her marriage is different. 

Friday morning- Flight @ 5pm

I can't believe how excited, tensed and confused I am about this trip. A part of me wants to jump on that plane and meet with Molly again. Oh my.. I loved that girl!!!! There was a mega undeniable chemistry from the moment we met in that hall way. The conversations, her look, smile, personality, love for God and maturity.. was just amazing. Molly was so adventurous... we did some of the craziest things. Yet she was still very reserved and quiet. Good memories.. Good memories.. Good memories.. I really miss Molly. I can't believe it was 2hour drive distance that made us grow apart. The feelings were mutual.. it was just not about the words.. the actions spoke louder than words. What happened?? what really happened.. did we let life get in the way??? Maybe i did something wrong... well hence this trip.. it will be nice to hear her side of the story.

Friday 3pm- At the airport

Molly is getting married in a week... she contacted me two weeks before her marriage to tell me she was getting married.. who does that??? Why did she not ask for a meeting a year ago? What if i go there and our emotions get the best of us??? What is something stupid happens? What if I end up ruining Molly's up coming wedding? What if her hubby already knows about us somehow and she does not know... What if he sees us coming out of the hotel... Will I or Molly ever be able to explain the situation??? What if we actually meet people who knew about our heated romance??? What if this blows up in many portions???? Hmmm... I think I'm playing with fire here!!! Blazing fire that could ruin both our lifes.. Hmmm my dignity, integrity and respect??? Do I really need to understand everything in life??? Most everything make meaning???? what difference will it make if Molly tells me why we grew apart? Kezyyyyyy.. What would i do if I found out she did what I'm about to do??

Airport announcement: Waiting for our last checked in passenger Blake Rollings- Last call!!! final boarding!!! Please proceed to gate D47. Gate closes in 5mins.

Hi, ma'am, I'm Blake Rollings. I won't be flying with you today.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you Hate .. Just because????

I`ve always heard and known that Jonathan was a good friend to David. Like one of those things you know, it did not mean that much to me until I recently read 1 Sam 18.

Jonathan did not just love David, but he went against his father Saul, to ensure David`s safety. He did not follow the crowd to hate David even though most people would think he should have. I thought that was amazing.

In our world today, there is so much hate! People are born into it. Families hating families, cities hating cities, countries hating countries and if one looks at the root of this hate, it stems form the littlest or minute issue. Most people who hate a certain person, tribe or race cant even tell why they do because most of people were born to see life that way.

In Jonathan`s case, His father and David went to war. David killed  ten thousands  enemies while Saul ( the King) only killed thousands of enemies. Saul was jealous of David. He told his son, Jonathan and his servants to kill David.

David`s victory at war or his ability to kill more enemies than Saul did not make Jonathan love him less. Therefore Jonathan stood for what was right and decided to not support his father`s plot to kill David.

Do you just hate just because?????? Do you judge people based on what you have heard about them?? Do you give people you meet opportunity to prove themselves to you. Do you just go with the flow when it comes to love and hate. Do you stop loving someone because someone close to you hates them?

Jonathan's character and friendship with David is very inspiring. We should not hate because our parents, friends, siblings, spouse, tribe or country hates a certain person or people.

Have a love filled week
God bless

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Think the Worse

Girl: I'm getting married in two weeks and I think it is about time we get the much needed closure on our  past relationship.

Guy: It's been a while already and I think I have my closure. we have barely communicated  in 5years. Besides what closure are you talking about? What time do you have to meet with me without your fiance looking for you?

Girl: Let me figure that out. Let me know when you can come over.

Guy: Thanks for calling to inform me about your wedding but seriously coming to meet you at this time will not be a good idea for you or for me. Its been five years since we broke up and you really never suggested this.

Girl: Its really not what you think.. I thought we could meet and talk about why we broke up. It would really mean a lot to me as I move into this new phase in my life.

Guy: I'll think about it..Besides flight tickets are not cheap!
Girl: We can split that.
Guy: Alright, will talk to you soon.

                                            **** 2 Days Later ****

Guy: I actually think we should meet! I can't believe we broke up the way we did. I've never been able to understand it
Girl: Really?? your coming? Are you sure you want to do this..awwwww.. thank you so much.. this means a lot to me.
Guy: I'll be there on Friday after work and will spend the weekend as I plan to visit other friends.
Girl: You can book the flight and i'll book the hotel then we can split the total cost. Sounds good to me. Thank you very much for doing this.
Guy: See you on Friday.

To Be Continued!!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Love Moment

When you have dreams and  believed so much that they will come to pass. With each passing day you keep hoping and dreaming somemore. And suddenly oneday you wake up and reality hits you and those dreams are overdue according to your calendar. Tiredness, discourgement and frustration sets in.

You become completely not interested in anything.. You just wake up because you are awake.. you go to work cos you know the bills will come! Your smile becomes an act.. You just don't feel like yourself anymore.. You just want to cry! You want to scream! You wish you could stay in bed all day. You are not interested in having a conversation with anyone!

An then you remember that there are a million and one people who are dreaming and hoping to be in your shoes. Then you believe no one will understand why you should be feel the way you do. On the otherhand, you cant even talk to anyone because you are always the chief encourager! So you know what everyone will say to you! Basically, you are in that time and season where the bible talked about in Eccl. 3: vs 4 - "A time to cry" then later on "A time to be sad". God recognizes those times!

Its been that time of the year for me! I know the word, I trust Him and I believe His words yet I just want to cry. 

 This week I have just wanted to feel the presence of GOD! I've wanted His LOVE! Wanting something Unique to happen. I wanted to know that He still hears me and is working behind and in the scenes for me.
HE DID come through :)

 1. He reminded me that he taking me through a growth phase and preparing me to handle the next level he is taking me to ( Matt. 5: 48) He reminded me about Joseph - from prison to the palace

2. Next day, He reminded me that the bridge to my breakthrough is PRAISE (Hab 3:17-18)! Before this, He reminded me of all the times He had been faithful in my life! And yes I can truly say I am BLESSED! He said He inhabits the praises of His people, and in His presence there is fullness of joy! Therefore, I should refocus my strength and energy on praise.

3. He did not stop there! He took me to Eccl. 3 vs 1-15 Where he talks about season! Like I mentioned above.. Vs 4.A time to Cry and a time to laugh, A time to be sad and a time to dance! and lots more.

4. He went ahead to remind me that He gave me the desire to know the future Eccl 3: 11 therefore he understand my dreams about the future. He said He does everything right and ontime and I will never completely understand what He is doing vs 12 ( He bust my bubble there though- but he is God). So He advises that the best thing for me to do is to be happy and enjoy myself vs 12

It is definately a love moment when you read your devotionals and you know GOD is speaking directly to you! He cares and loves me more than I can phantom. While he recognizes that those sad days will come, He is very uninterested in seeing me dwell on it.