Friday, September 16, 2011

Rare and Unique

I came home from work and decided to catch up with my recorded show- "The View"( I don't miss it). Anyways there were two interesting guest on the show. They proved to me that there is forgiveness and there is forgiveness!

A lady was featured on the show! She forgave the boy who murdered her son! She just did not forgive him, she calls him her spiritual son. He now leaves next door to her. He calls her his mum. As if that was not enough. She wears a necklace with a picture of her and her son (her biological son) and when you flip the necklace, it is a picture of the boy who killed her son!!!! It is important to note that the guy is  now a grown and a responsible man now ( he completed his jail term). But thennnnnn!

How did she do it? Those ladies on the view were pretty curious and I was too! And the question came.. How are you able to forgive this much??? ( oh before i forget.. the guy was on the show too) And she answered  "this is purely the grace of God". The audience applauded her after she said that! I was like oh wow.. they even recognize this is not normal.. because people rarely clap when God is mentioned on these shows!

But really who won't agree that such level of forgiveness only takes the grace of God!!!! Your only Son was killed and here you are calling the killer your son! Oh my! She said God asks us to forgive and she decided to obey! That show made me think about what I really consider as forgiveness! I think there are levels of forgiveness!!! Although she did not just get to this level over night.. she eventually got there and I believe is rare and unique and definitely takes the grace of God!

What do you think??

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