Saturday, September 10, 2011

Think the Worse

Girl: I'm getting married in two weeks and I think it is about time we get the much needed closure on our  past relationship.

Guy: It's been a while already and I think I have my closure. we have barely communicated  in 5years. Besides what closure are you talking about? What time do you have to meet with me without your fiance looking for you?

Girl: Let me figure that out. Let me know when you can come over.

Guy: Thanks for calling to inform me about your wedding but seriously coming to meet you at this time will not be a good idea for you or for me. Its been five years since we broke up and you really never suggested this.

Girl: Its really not what you think.. I thought we could meet and talk about why we broke up. It would really mean a lot to me as I move into this new phase in my life.

Guy: I'll think about it..Besides flight tickets are not cheap!
Girl: We can split that.
Guy: Alright, will talk to you soon.

                                            **** 2 Days Later ****

Guy: I actually think we should meet! I can't believe we broke up the way we did. I've never been able to understand it
Girl: Really?? your coming? Are you sure you want to do this..awwwww.. thank you so much.. this means a lot to me.
Guy: I'll be there on Friday after work and will spend the weekend as I plan to visit other friends.
Girl: You can book the flight and i'll book the hotel then we can split the total cost. Sounds good to me. Thank you very much for doing this.
Guy: See you on Friday.

To Be Continued!!!!!!


  1. *cough cough* I want part two o. After 5years huh? def trouble

  2. Ooowww, can't wait for the part two of this story. ever heard of old woods lights fastest?? seems that is what gonna happen. *wink*

  3. Yep.. old woodsss... They sure do!!!