Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Love Moment

When you have dreams and  believed so much that they will come to pass. With each passing day you keep hoping and dreaming somemore. And suddenly oneday you wake up and reality hits you and those dreams are overdue according to your calendar. Tiredness, discourgement and frustration sets in.

You become completely not interested in anything.. You just wake up because you are awake.. you go to work cos you know the bills will come! Your smile becomes an act.. You just don't feel like yourself anymore.. You just want to cry! You want to scream! You wish you could stay in bed all day. You are not interested in having a conversation with anyone!

An then you remember that there are a million and one people who are dreaming and hoping to be in your shoes. Then you believe no one will understand why you should be feel the way you do. On the otherhand, you cant even talk to anyone because you are always the chief encourager! So you know what everyone will say to you! Basically, you are in that time and season where the bible talked about in Eccl. 3: vs 4 - "A time to cry" then later on "A time to be sad". God recognizes those times!

Its been that time of the year for me! I know the word, I trust Him and I believe His words yet I just want to cry. 

 This week I have just wanted to feel the presence of GOD! I've wanted His LOVE! Wanting something Unique to happen. I wanted to know that He still hears me and is working behind and in the scenes for me.
HE DID come through :)

 1. He reminded me that he taking me through a growth phase and preparing me to handle the next level he is taking me to ( Matt. 5: 48) He reminded me about Joseph - from prison to the palace

2. Next day, He reminded me that the bridge to my breakthrough is PRAISE (Hab 3:17-18)! Before this, He reminded me of all the times He had been faithful in my life! And yes I can truly say I am BLESSED! He said He inhabits the praises of His people, and in His presence there is fullness of joy! Therefore, I should refocus my strength and energy on praise.

3. He did not stop there! He took me to Eccl. 3 vs 1-15 Where he talks about season! Like I mentioned above.. Vs 4.A time to Cry and a time to laugh, A time to be sad and a time to dance! and lots more.

4. He went ahead to remind me that He gave me the desire to know the future Eccl 3: 11 therefore he understand my dreams about the future. He said He does everything right and ontime and I will never completely understand what He is doing vs 12 ( He bust my bubble there though- but he is God). So He advises that the best thing for me to do is to be happy and enjoy myself vs 12

It is definately a love moment when you read your devotionals and you know GOD is speaking directly to you! He cares and loves me more than I can phantom. While he recognizes that those sad days will come, He is very uninterested in seeing me dwell on it.


  1. Gbam gbam... well written sis, there is a season for everything but never will the love of God ever fail us. we will get there, all in Gods timing.

  2. :) Thanks sis! You'll soon win an award for "Love Stalking" xx