Sunday, September 11, 2011

Do you Hate .. Just because????

I`ve always heard and known that Jonathan was a good friend to David. Like one of those things you know, it did not mean that much to me until I recently read 1 Sam 18.

Jonathan did not just love David, but he went against his father Saul, to ensure David`s safety. He did not follow the crowd to hate David even though most people would think he should have. I thought that was amazing.

In our world today, there is so much hate! People are born into it. Families hating families, cities hating cities, countries hating countries and if one looks at the root of this hate, it stems form the littlest or minute issue. Most people who hate a certain person, tribe or race cant even tell why they do because most of people were born to see life that way.

In Jonathan`s case, His father and David went to war. David killed  ten thousands  enemies while Saul ( the King) only killed thousands of enemies. Saul was jealous of David. He told his son, Jonathan and his servants to kill David.

David`s victory at war or his ability to kill more enemies than Saul did not make Jonathan love him less. Therefore Jonathan stood for what was right and decided to not support his father`s plot to kill David.

Do you just hate just because?????? Do you judge people based on what you have heard about them?? Do you give people you meet opportunity to prove themselves to you. Do you just go with the flow when it comes to love and hate. Do you stop loving someone because someone close to you hates them?

Jonathan's character and friendship with David is very inspiring. We should not hate because our parents, friends, siblings, spouse, tribe or country hates a certain person or people.

Have a love filled week
God bless


  1. Excellent post Sis, we need more love in the world :)

  2. We truly need more love in the world. There's soo much hate. thanx for dis and thanx for dropping by my blog. following urs

  3. Thanks Tonilicious :) ( love the name) Yes we do need more love :)

  4. really inspiring indeed. I agree about the love, but will add that,real love and not pretentious one is what we need. People have fake characters all over. thanks for sharing...... do visit my blog sometime too. thanks