Thursday, September 15, 2011

Think the Worse- Part 2

Guy: It will definitely be a good opportunity to see Molly again. Our relationship ended without explanations and it will be really nice to finally ask her what really happened. Hmmmmm.. what if you findout you are still attracted to her?? Nooooo.. thats not possible. I have moved on, i'm in a committed relationship and I love Kezy very much. I would never hurt her. So basically.. this meeting will be to gain closure. Hmmmmm... should I tell Kezy why i'm travelling this weekend? I mean she should understand... Would you understand such a trip??? Hmmm... Welll she does not need to know. Hmmmm.. you said u'll be visiting friends.. someone will tell her you were in town. Hmmm.. I guess I won't visit anyone.. i'll just spend the... oh no.. i'll tell her i'm going to visit my friends.. She know I have friends there so its a lot easier

Wednesday b4 the Friday

Going to see Molly a week before her wedding is not a good idea at all. What if people see us? What sin will you commit?? you are just meeting over supper and talking things through and wishing her the best in her married life. Hmmmm.. what if people see us together? We'll our relationship was not really public and it has been five years.. so no one would even think its anything more than supper. Hmmmm... i think she said she never told her hubby to be about our short lived fun filled relationship. So even if he somehow knows about the supper.... it could be a co-worker, or skoolmate or a friend from church. Hmmmmm... i have to ask her why she has not told her hubby about us. Molly.... such a secretive young woman.. I have to tell her marriage is different. 

Friday morning- Flight @ 5pm

I can't believe how excited, tensed and confused I am about this trip. A part of me wants to jump on that plane and meet with Molly again. Oh my.. I loved that girl!!!! There was a mega undeniable chemistry from the moment we met in that hall way. The conversations, her look, smile, personality, love for God and maturity.. was just amazing. Molly was so adventurous... we did some of the craziest things. Yet she was still very reserved and quiet. Good memories.. Good memories.. Good memories.. I really miss Molly. I can't believe it was 2hour drive distance that made us grow apart. The feelings were mutual.. it was just not about the words.. the actions spoke louder than words. What happened?? what really happened.. did we let life get in the way??? Maybe i did something wrong... well hence this trip.. it will be nice to hear her side of the story.

Friday 3pm- At the airport

Molly is getting married in a week... she contacted me two weeks before her marriage to tell me she was getting married.. who does that??? Why did she not ask for a meeting a year ago? What if i go there and our emotions get the best of us??? What is something stupid happens? What if I end up ruining Molly's up coming wedding? What if her hubby already knows about us somehow and she does not know... What if he sees us coming out of the hotel... Will I or Molly ever be able to explain the situation??? What if we actually meet people who knew about our heated romance??? What if this blows up in many portions???? Hmmm... I think I'm playing with fire here!!! Blazing fire that could ruin both our lifes.. Hmmm my dignity, integrity and respect??? Do I really need to understand everything in life??? Most everything make meaning???? what difference will it make if Molly tells me why we grew apart? Kezyyyyyy.. What would i do if I found out she did what I'm about to do??

Airport announcement: Waiting for our last checked in passenger Blake Rollings- Last call!!! final boarding!!! Please proceed to gate D47. Gate closes in 5mins.

Hi, ma'am, I'm Blake Rollings. I won't be flying with you today.



  1. Good call!! no good was ever going to come out of that trip, too many uncertainties. well written sis, I enjoyed reading in anticipation:)

  2. Smart choice! If he had these many issues, its def not worth it. bsids, its 2weeks before the wedding. some things are better left alone. nice 1

  3. Hmmm, my kinda of person, I will want answers, definitely not at all close to my upcoming wedding. But I will have sought answers way before moving on.

    Back to the story, i think it was a smart call on Blake's part. If Molly really wants answers, they should talk on the phone.

  4. @ 9jafoodie- Tell me about uncertainties??? It is good to avoid them.. when you can. Thanks for reading:)

    @Toinlicious- I kinda feel so too.. something are better left the way they are...

    However, @ Anon 10.46.. As human beings we are very curious and have the need to know it all. Phone call sounds like a good option!

    Thank you everyone:)