Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He came through again

In the past one week.... I have found myself talking and writing lots about trusting God. Now the funny thing is.. the exact thing i'm talking about... i'm finding hard to do.

After my post "Hmmmmmm" I decided to listen to Joyce Meyer before I went to bed and below is what she talked about.

"Patience is a fruit that develops under trials. Trusting God can release a lot of  Joy into our lifes. Humility is the basis of developing the above fruits.. we wnt trust if we are not humble because we always want to figure everything out ( that's me right there)..." holy ghost juniors".. Humility is the hardest virtue to come by. If we are not humble we will spend time trying to do God's job.We can't trust God without humility, because we will not be patient enough to wait on him. Save yourself the stress and not ask why, when and how.
Take time to enjoy your life while God is solving your problem.
Things To do while waiting
  1. Pray
  2. Study the word
  3. Thank God for what he is doing even when you can see any change in your situation- Wake up everyday and confess positive words- Thank God that with each new day, you are closer to your destiny and breakthrough.
  4. Let your words be inline with the word of God
  5. Stay busy- help people around you who need help in fulfilling God's destiny in their life
 As you can see.. it was one of those evening again, another reason to be more in love with God! Like I said.... I know he has it all in control . The question now is am I humble enough to let Him have His way? Never knew that humility was tied into our trusting God and being patient. When you think about it, it really does make a difference! It take a really humble person to trust another with their day to day activities and not be Mr or Mrs Do All. Lord help me!

God I trust You! My times are in your Hands
Ps 31 vs 14-15a