Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dare to trust

Have you been trusting and waiting on God for;
a breakthrough?
a miracle?
an open door?
a solution?
a job?
a spouse?
a kid?

I can go on and on! But I'm here to remind you today, that God is working in your favour. He is cooking something up for you.. and trust me... it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Here is a friend testimony to encourage you. 

My friend recently got admitted into the school of her dreams.. to chase her passion in Esthetics and Cosmetics. Now the road to finally getting up to follow her dreams has not been an easy one.. But I'm more than happy she finally made this decision.

To pursue her dreams, she has to quit her job and move to a new city. We all know how challenging it is to find a good paying job while school full time. I really felt for her... but one thing we always knew was that God was going to make away. She has had to start saving aggressively to be prepared for what is ahead. (We can't not shop anymore :( .. lol..)

While trying to decide if she should follow her dreams and passions, I reminded her that God has clearly open the doors and made a way for her.. that even the uncertainties would sort it self out once she steps out. Nothing is as exciting as knowing you are in the will of God or that you have a constant help and support form above.

My friend is a woman of faith.. and she launched out like no man's business:). The blessings started rolling in. First, tuition was discounted for her!!!! Secondly. she was offered a  free luxurious accomodation in her new city:) Don't we just serve a faithful GOD????

She currently for an IT solutions company, she loves her job and the people she works with. She recently told them about her career plans.... they were really happy for her.. yet super sad they were going to loose such awesome individual (She is a darling---and well recognized for that).

Last week, she got called in by her bosses to me informed that they will still want her to work for them even while she is in a new city.. if she does not mind!!!!!! Whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt! She loves her job, it pays well, she loves the people, it is the perfect job to combine with her studies!!!! How more can a girl be blessed!!! And why would she mind????

Ladies and gentlemennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn A FRESH NEW CONTRACT IS BEING DRAFTED FOR MY DARLING! Who said God is not faithful... Who said he is not the God of possibilites? He always makes a way when it seems like there is not way and He always does the impossible. Now my friend will be a contract staff for this company and since her job was mainly online and over the phone... she continues this as if she is still in her current office.

She is excited... but I'm even more excited cos I know she is happy and less stressed out about her move.. and most importantly, I'm happy BECAUSE GOD IS STILL IN THE BUSINESS OF DOING MIRACLES AND EXCEEDING OUR EXPECTATIONS!

So if you, for any reason stopped trusting.............. Wake upppppp! This definately woke me up.. and you can't even imagine how big my dreams are getting!


Love you all.


  1. I still dey shop oo!! hahahaha!!! Secretly tho winnkk

  2. Madebeautiful, I know you are still shopping! hahaha.

    Yes God is indeed faithful:)