Monday, November 28, 2011

What's Inside??

Enon: Some friends are just crazy... How can they say this picture is beautiful? Whats beautiful about this girl? Anjy, come see this picture!
Anjy: Ah the babe is not fine at all.. Facebook users are wired.. now they will make this girl feel on top of the world for no reason.
Enon: Truth is, she is not bad looking... but not as good as all her friends claim.
Anjy: Pls Enon, there is no use lying to ppl. Its better not to make a comment.

How many times have you heard conversations like that?? The other part of that conversation is when people think a guy or girl is too fine for their bf or girl friend!!! I have over heard those conversations a couple of times or read comments like above about pictures people post on facebook or other social networks. Everyone has been created beautiful as far as I am concerned, but what makes one person more beautiful than the other.... Here goes my 2 cents!!

1. One man's meat is another man's poison... What one person considers beautiful is not beautiful to the other.
2. Beauty is a combination of both internal and external factors. Therefore  you may think someone I call beautiful is not beautiful. The difference most time is that I see both the internal and external and you are seeing just the external and vice versa. 

I personally believe beauty is a combination of internal and external factors... what do you think?? Does one out weigh the other?? 

Have a beautiful week ahead

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