Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Far From Perfect

With all our daily struggles for perfection, we still fall. Sometimes, we find ourselves in unbelievable situations and conditions. Most times, we feel it is the end of the world but God is right where we are. He is able  literally  lift us up and he put all the broken piece of our life together.  His love for us is a constant. It does not change! It is unconditional.

The fact that he will forgive if only we ask, should leave us with no other reason  but to forgive ourselves and accept His forgiveness. He reminds us in 1 Cor 5 vs 17 that behold all things are new. And yes, He sure does make all things new.

Romans 3 vs 23 says "all have sinned and falling short of the honor of God", Another passage states that "if we say we do not have any iniquity we lie". This clear shows that in one way or the other we have our own blunders. What might be a big deal to me.. may be nothing to you vice-versa. However, in the presence of God.. there is not big or small sin- all are equally called SIN. Jesus paid the ultimate price for it too! He gave his life!

Forgive yourself- We are not perfect, but working everyday with a perfect God to achieve his perfection. Nothing we are or will be is related to our action! It is purely the GRACE OF GOD

God sees the beauty in my imperfection and He sees the same in you. Embrace his love and accept His forgiveness.



  1. I've come to realize that I'm far from perfect, so when I fall into temptation, and when I sin, I ask for His forgiveness and I forgive myself too. Even in relationships, as humans we make mistakes and we need to forgive ourselves. Thanks so much for this. Thanks for commenting on the Lamp, first time reading your blog and I'll keep it up.