Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can I get an AMEN!

Do ever day dream or even night dream( lol)... Infact do you have those moments where you wonder away to dream land and see the beautiful future you would love to have or a world you would love to live in.

If you have not, I have.. infact I call myself Joesphine most times because I have dreamt of so many things and just doing a mental check, those dreams have been bigger in reality. Today was particularly different.. I did not dream by myself, I was dreaming with my darling sis 9jafoodie.. We were both day dreaming likes girls would do, you can only imagine what it was about! And as we were talking about all these things all the what if's and "we are serious joker" started coming out of our mouths! And we stopped ourselves and decided to say a BIG AMEN to all our dreams because

1. We have a BIG GOD who is able to exceed all of our dreams an expectations.. So the bigger you dream the bigger your blessings.. Trust me it works!

2. If our earthly father's would not give us stone when we ask for bread.. then we are more than certain than our heavenly father will give us better things than we ask for.

So my friend and I just shouted a BIG AMEN to all our dreams, desires and expectations then we both changed our BBM status to AMEN!!... And of course everyone was asking what was going on :D. I just told them to say AMEN to any good thing they had dreamt about today or what they dreamt about yesterday or what they are still dreaming about!! I just started getting many AMENs!! There was something about believe that our dreams can come through and even exceed our expectations!!

SO if you have read this post to the point, it is time to say your own AMEN!!! AMEN to all your dreams and expectations. Do not late the devil put excuses and reasons why your dreams can not come through in your heart or even tell you that you don't deserve everything you are dreaming about. Focus on God and focus on the dream or vision. When any beautiful picture comes to your mind.. SAY a BIG AMEN to it.

I am personally saying a BIG AMEN to all of your dreams and expectations and I know God will exceed all of your expectations.

"God wants you to believe for great things, make big plans and expect him to do things so great it leaves us with our mouth hanging open in awe"- Joyce Meyer

Love you all Muchly

Nightingale aka Josephine ( I have fabulous names sha.. lol..lol)