Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Few Mins

I found the best radio station to listen to while at work-Mypraisefm. They play very nice music and there are amazing teaching on the station as well. The website has an online prayer request page where listeners leave thier prayer request. One of the prayer request touched my heart and really got me thinking . A certain lady wrote that, October 8th was suppose to be her 8th wedding anniversary. However, she was not celebrating it becasue her husband divorced her. She said "its is four years now, yet every anniversary hurts like it was yesterday. She feels very guilty and still blames her self for cheating on her husband. She said she has plead with him and have asked him to forgive her but he says he has forgiven her but can't be married to her anymore. She regrets her actions and her prayer request was to ask for grace strength and courage to get through the day. ( it was a one time cheat )

I was really touch by her prayer request and her story reminded me of one of my post titled Think the Worse 1 & 2. That story was about one of the many temptations we face as human beings. Yours may not be relationship related. It may have to do with your career, school or even your family. Some of these temptations seems unharmful at the surface. No one will get hurt, no one will know about it. My husband or wife will not find out, my parents will never know, my teacher or employer would not know. We rationalize all of that in our heads and forget to ask ourselves the question "what if they find out?" "What would Jesus do?" "What if I get pregnant?" "What if i'm expelled from school?" What if I lose my job, husband, wife, fiance, bf, gf, bother, mother, sister etc.

I can't say I always asked my self those questions but I have in various occassions and  I still thank God that I took a few minutes to analyze the negative consequence of my planned actions. Think about the time you have overcomed temptation and the feeling you get knowing that you did the right thing. Doing the right thing in various occasions has made me realize that there is true freedom and joy when we stand up for what is right. However, I also realize it is not an easy task because I have failed numerous times.

Over coming temptation is not something we can do by our own strength and I pray  for God's grace for all of us. Life is too short to hurt the people that are dear to us. Think of them in your actions and their faces would drive you to stand up for what is right. Asides from people dear to us on earth, we have our heavenly father who loves us dearly and  He is totally pleased when we live a life that honors Him.

It requires conscious effort and a daily request of God grace. Lets make it a daily prayer request.

Love you all and thanks for reading:)