Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Greatness of Our God!

I had the most amazing time in church today!!!!!! There is amazing joy in the presence of God! Service had a mix of good and bad! Two people passed away the night before in a car accident. Death never sits well even when you do not know the individuals..something in me still breaks and I'm reminded of how fragile our life on earth is and how we should make the most of every day we are blessed with. The good news was to see a lady we prayed for last week in church. She has cancer and we were told she was given days to live while in the hospital.. It was so nice to see her in church singing and dancing.. I was just soooo happyyyyy!!! Never spoken to her but she is one of those ladies I admire:)

The best part of service for me today was the sermon!! we had a guest speaker and she spoke on "Worship". The tittle of the message was about "awakening the silence". Omg..there were so many awakening moments in this message but all that I have been meditating on has been JOB 38! She referred us to this scripture and it is about God questioning Job.

This Scripture describes the greatness of our God! it reminds me that God is the BOSS BOSS!! It questions who I think I am? What I think I have, what I think I can do, what I think I have accomplished... Seriously after reading this scripture again after church.. I feel so minute and small!!!! My problems and challenges look like little jokes!!! The scripture confirms that I can never fully comprehend the greatness of God.

I'm just in awe of your greatness GOD!!!!
Your ways are not my ways
Your thoughts are not my thoughts
You are indescribable
You are the best creator ever known
You are the best father a child could wish for
You are the one who is and  is to come
You are love!!! Your are great!!!
And I worship You for who You are

It is true when they say that "the more you worship God, the smaller your problems become"!!!
If you have read this post to this point, choose to focus on the greatness of God this week!!! If you don't know where to start from or if you do not even think He is great, Click here to read Job 38. You can Continue to Job 41 for a full picture.

Its a new week and I really thought I should remind you all about how great our God is!!
Have a great week all and no matter the unexciting and uninteresting events you face this week, just focus on the greatness of God and do not quite worshiping.

Love you all and thanks for reading:)


  1. I wonder at people that say their isnt a God. Some things that happen can only be explained by admitting that HE exists. He is so awesome, so faithful, so loving, so caring so beyond our imaginations!!! SO GREATER THAN GREAT!!!

  2. So greater than great dear.. You are so right:) Thanks for stopping by. God bless

  3. thanx for this. God is truly awesome

  4. just passed on the most versatile blogger award to you in my last post so please check it out. thanks

  5. Awwwww... Thank you Priscy... I have MIA'd for a while:) Will do as instructed.

    Thanks Toinlicious