Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soooooo Furiousssss!

My nice quiet Saturday afternoon was ruined when I read a post on a blog a follow. A girl was raped by 5 animals called boys! I could not even finish reading what really happened...I was just furious!!! They did not just rape her.. the recorded the nonsense and passed it around on campus!!!

I am waiting patiently to see how my country will handle this situation.. In times like this I wish i was the presidents wife or someone with more power and authority.. these boys would not see the light of day for the rest of their lives. They do not deserve to live or even die quickly... They need a slow and painful death! Like seriously.. what if she was your sister, mother or daughter????

Now everyone is cursing not just them, but heir generations and families! This is exactly how people ruin their lives and generations. Tomorrow, someone will marry them and have to deal with all the curses. Do people even think of their future or children when they act????

NOw there are some foolish human beings who have been asking the blogger to post the video so they can see! I don't even have words to describe those good for nothing individuals!!! And others are saying this should go as a lesson to girls out there who disrespect guys!!! Are you kidding me! These two group of people should be jailed as well as far as I am concerned because people like them are a threat to the society.

I pray for the this girl! If I'm feeling the way I am.. I can only imagine how they feel. Lord please comfort her! Please show her your love! The bible says you use the foolish things of this world to dumbfound the wise! Let this turnout to something great and huge for this innocent girl! Please Lord remind her that you love her and that she is truly valuable to you. I pray that she will be great and you will open doors unto her. I pray you will heal of of this wounds! And finally Lord, please may these boys not go unpunished in JESUS NAME.. AMEN


  1. The post literally broke my heart, like i felt my heart crack open. I cant imagine any thing she could have done that will justify what they did to her.God will definitely bring them to justice and they shall see no mercy.

  2. hmm.. this is so upsetting. I was in tears when i read about it earlier today. It so heartbreaking. My heart wept for her. I cant imagine what she is going through right now. The comments on the blog and twitter were jaw-dropping. i cant believe people can be this insensitive.

    I pray God comforts her, surrounds her with his love. I pray he heals and restores her, gives her a sound mind. I didn't watch the video, i wasn't there but i haven't had a sound mind all day so i can just imagine how it is for her. I know he'll bring something good out of this. it's just sad that this had to happen to her.
    As for the animals, i don't want to rain curses on them cos of their generations but my God is a just God. They will reap what they've sown.

  3. Thank you ladies!! This world is filled with wickedness. I pray justice will be served!!!

  4. I felt (and still feel) excatly the same way you felt after reading the story. How dare they do that to another human being??? Its a pity but the truth is that they may go scot free cos the authorities arent doing anything about it. But one thing i assure, even if they escape man's justice,they wouldnt escape God's

  5. Amen to that prayer!!!

    I was dumbfounded when I read about this too. In fact I'm still so disgusted by the whole thing. Smh.

    God is on His throne and He is a God of justice. So I have every faith that justice will be done!

  6. Hmmm.. i hope soo.. What i heard and read after the incident was not very encouraging sha. But I believe justice from God will be best for those guys.

    Thanks for stopping by Ms. Buki