Monday, February 7, 2011

Money~~~~ Internal Spiritual Condition?????

"How we handle money is simply an outside indicator of our internal spiritual condition"- Larry Burkett

If the above statement is trueeeeeeee!!!!! Hmmmmm to where I think I am.
Tonight, I just wanted to read something that was not CMA and I picked up this book I bought like 2years ago and never opened it. It is called "Your Money Map" by Howard Dayton. It is looking really interesting. I came across the above statement and thought I should stop and share it with you all. Do you have any insight on what the above quote mean???? I'm still reading and I hope I find out.

My choice to read this book out of all the other book on shelffff????? Yesss, I struggle with financial management - not really about paying my bills or that i have a bad credit rating.. but my biggest problem is having some substantial savings at the end of every month. I pay up my bills every month and have literally nothing left....I use to hear about people living from pay cheque to pay cheque... for some wired reason.. I'm finding myself in that boat.

I would nicely dig into my savings to pay up some expense I had incurred because I believe is it better to pay up bills than have some savings where all the interest you get annually is only about 2% and opposed to the monthly 19%-25% the credit card companies will charge monthly on any outstanding balance. While that makes sense, I guess it all comes down to self control.... which from the look of things, I'm afraid I really do not have that.. especially with money.

I think I kinda ignored this book for the past 2 years because I felt I did not need it and I was not at that place yet. But now and this year... I need every material and tool I can get to help me focus because if i don't get used to it now, i don't know when I will. Also i really don't want any rude awakening before I learn how to save money. 

If not for my beau ( bless him) I would be super broke... he stresses saving for "raining day" all the time.. and when I think about why I have not been able to meet my savings target, it is because I do not save for those unforeseen contingencies that seems to come up every single month!

If you lost your job today or something happened and you could not work ( GOD FORBID). How long would you be able to survive without anyone's help. In other words, how long (how many months) would you be able to pay your rent or mortage, utility bills and feed your self ????????? I ask my self that question all the times and I'm ready to take some actions.. not by my own power but by the grace of God... Who is in with me???


  1. Yeaiiiiiii.....go Flo!!!! I am cheering yon on. with God you can do anything u set ur mind to!!!....I shall get there some day :)