Friday, May 28, 2010

Loving Me 2 Love You- lm2lu

The one thing that is common with all humans is the search for love and acceptance. The only difference is in how and where we go about looking for this love. I'm sure reading the title one could easily conclude that "loving me" is a selfish thing to do. Thoughts or ideas like that have really affected our society a great deal. What makes you think you can give someone else what you don't have??

This is the misconception we all have to correct. This is my first post and i want it to set the tone for the blog! LOVING ME 2 LOVE YOU. In my short life so far, I have come to realised that if you truly do not love yourself... it is almost impossible to love someone else.

Generally, we are the most critiques of ourselves especially ladies. We always seem to find something that is wrong about us our sth that could be better. Sweetheart, thats is almost a constant-- you will always find those.. so it is about time we wake up to loving and accept ourselves for who we really are.

Joel Osteen, once said that if you try copying or being someone else- you can only be an imitation- Why would you want to be a second hand human being when you can be as original as God created you uniquely.

The problem with always finding fault in you is that.. you end up doing the same things to other people you come in contact with- either in your family or any form of relationship.

However, when you make is a habit of finding the good things and features of your lovely self and life( dnt get me wrong, i'm not talking about going around and boasting about yourself and all, it is all about inner satisfaction and love for who you really are) you will realise that doing same for people will come very natural. Try this for a week and see the results you get!!!!

Jesus even said we should love our neighbours as ourselves.... indirectly implying that we have to love ourselves to know how to love others.

The simple step of loving you and accepting you with all your faults is a very important step in allowing your self to be loved and loving other the right way.

love always!


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  2. Sometimes its really hard to love urself wen,u think of all the things u could have that u dont or the person u cud be n ur not. Wen i feel like this,i count my blessings,my family is one big blessin.It really helps me in lovin myself. I love this write up. It is a must read. :-)

  3. I totally agree. I believe a key in loving yourself is realizing God's love for you. I think if ppl can grasp God's love for them they not only will they love themselves, it will be very easy to truly love others without pretense.

  4. @hjr there is always a reason to be thankful and happen-- and it takes conscious effort:)

    @ anonymous Grasping God's love is ultimate... it changes ones outlook on things:)

    Thanks for the comments!