Saturday, May 29, 2010


Forgiveness is not something we do for other people. We do it for ourselves- to GET WELL and MOVE ON. Most times we say we can't forgive people who hurt us.... IF only we really know how much more we are hurting ourselves by not forgiving.

One thing you most know is that it is impossible to forgive and forget. When people hurt you.. they leave scars and marks that will always remind you of the hurt. Now, that is not as bad as people make it look, besides you have to remember the hurt cos they are all part of life lessons( you most have learned something new about yourselves that you would not have known if not for the misunderstanding and you most have also learned something about the other parties or party involved). The LESSONS are the important thing to remember and those scars - help.. believe me. If you forget, it might repeat itself.

However, even tho it is almost impossible to forget hurts, FORGIVENESS IS SUPER POSSIBLE--- To me, forgiving someone or a group of people means that you are over the hurt and promise yourself not to bring it up unless in a situation where you want to share the lessons you learned in other to help another person who might be in the same situation.

---if you do bring it up, it should not be with the same pain you felt when you were initially hurt ( I say this because i have worked myself through the process) You can talk about something someone did not you and not be hurt by it again ie you don't feel the level of pain or brokenness you felt when the deed was done.

I have a lot of principles I live by and one of them is do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I mention this because we all really have to forgive each other and give each other a break... nothing hurts me as much as when i see people who were once close friends and buddies or even in a loving relationship become total enemies... I cant comprehend it.

On earth we live and relate with human beings and we are bound to step on each others toes.. therefore forgiveness should always be at your fingertip. I have been accuse of being very forgiving... but really I forgive because God wants us to and i feel so much better and at peace and lastly.. if i ever hurt you.. i would really love it if you forgive me- because really..sensible and respectable human beings do not go around looking for people to hurt.. esp. not their families and friends!

I hope someone after reading this will choose to let go of the hurt and see that we are all flesh and we make mistakes each day--- pls do not ditch your friends and families because they hurt you.. something can always be worked out.. and if not.. you will have your peace of mind knowing you tried:)

A friend sent this song to me when i needed it most, it brought me to tear and helped me forgive - I hope and pray it ministers to you.

God bless

Love Always

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  1. True talk, my sis. I can't bliv no one has commented on it. I hope it's more that they haven't read the post, rather than that they don't agree with it. And i have made a profound discovery, ha ha, laf. When the offender asks forgiveness and one forgive, it not only releases one but also puts the forgiving party in a more powerful position to the offender. You can actually feel it.