Saturday, March 5, 2011

His Hands or His Face...

Although sometimes we can get carried away with the beautiful things God has blessed us with. Or we focus so much on His Hands instead of seeking His face. We focus so much on our wants and needs that we forget to enjoy His presence. How would you feel if you had a child who only comes to you when he or she is in need??? I know I would be hurt and probably feel really reluctant to grant their wishes. Thank God, God is not human like us all. Even when we come to Him only when we are in need.. he receives us all with open arms.

I'm a strong believer that God is an all round father .. He Loves and disciplines... he will groom you and make you the best that your are meant to be. Now, if you put the gifts and blessings he has placed in your life over Him, you have to remember that he is able to take it away from you in seconds... He is God and he is able to do anything He needs to do to draw your attention. If you look at the likes of Samson -he was blessed with amazing strength and power. He got carried away and we all know how the story ended.

This is always a wake up call for me. Is it all about his Hands or do i truly seek to enjoy His presence like I should.. Do you I tell him about all the fun and interestings happening in my life or all I talk about is what I want and need.. Do I even care about what He wants to say to me.. Or I'm just really interested in Him meeting my needs. I'm I seeking His face or His Hands????

Prayer: Lord, I know sometimes i truly get carried away with all the amazing gifts you have blessed me with. However, I come to you today recognizing that it is Your kingdom you want me to seek after first. Give me the grace to enjoy your presence and never place anything or person above you. Thank you love your unfailing love.. You still amaze me! Love you Lord :)

PS... I'm sure by now you all know I love my music :D.. Enjoy

Byron Cage - In The Presence Of Royalty


  1. Lord, help us to focus on Your face (intimately knowing You), more than what You can do for us.