Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take Off your Brave Face!

How are you doing today?
It is well... Is it really well?

How are you feeling??
I'm strong... Are you really strong? (Most ppl say this when there are clearly not strong... I cant stand it)

Does it hurt??
Nope... I cant be hurt... Are you for real?

Do you miss him or her??
No I don't...... Are you sure?

You look down, are you okay?
Yes I am.. Are you really okay?

Are you still waiting???
I'm not waiting for anything, i've taking my mind off it..... Really ?

Are you sure you can afford it?
Yes I can.. thanks I'm fine... Can your really afford it?

Why do we say there is nothing wrong when obviously there is something wrong? Why do we enjoy keeping it all inside and not let the tear roll down our faces.

Yes, we all know the scripture.. it will all work out for good, God has great plans, He is our healer and so on.. However right now you just want to cry, now it hurts, now you can't afford that meal or pay that bill, now you want a guy or girl you can call yours, you want a job, you need that grade to pass that class, you need that healing miracle right away or may be right now you are just tired of life!

God can handle your honesty, and your honesty does not mean he will not come true for you. The bible says we should worship God in spirit and in truth.. The emotions we feel is all part of who He created us to be. So lets be real with God it does not mean we don't trust him. Acting strong when we really do not have the strength is not being true, Saying it is well when it is not well is not the truth either.

If he did not want us to be real.. he would not ask us to ask, seek and knock... If he did not want to know about your needs he would not have asked for you to make your request known to Him.

He said His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses because He know that in life we will face weaknesses. Lets be real with Him... Lets say it like we mean it... Our honesty will not scare him, it will not make him love us any less but it will only draw us closer to Him.

Take a look at all your close relationships... ( the people you call close friends, spouses and family) You will notice that what makes your bond unique is because you share something intimate and real with those individuals.

Apart from reading those scriptures and singing those praises, God wants an intimate and real relationship with us. This is a major step to seeing Him in a new light. It is a place of total peace, pure joy, unconditional love support and strength.

Your honesty does not scare him!
Take off your brave face!
He can handle you
Come to Him just as you are

This post was inspired by another song by Mandisa - "Just Cry" Click here to listen.


  1. sometimes we feel we need to be perfect for God, but all we need is to let all our imperfections show. im going to learn to be real.

  2. Thank Anon 11:28- Realness is good for intimacy:)

  3. hmm, sometimes i have said that it is well or that i was fine when anyone seeing my situation might have felt "oh, i can't stand it", why is she saying that when she's obviously not fine? (it is not always as it looks o) well it is probably because i know something about that situation that the observer doesn't know and i am certain that it is well and so i puzzle you when i do affirm it.... enough....i will share with you privately!

  4. Hiiiii Auntyy.... thanks for stopping by. I totally understand what you mean.

  5. "Your honesty does not scare Him." True. The earlier we can be brave enough to say what we really mean (especially to our Father), the earlier the right answers will come. However, I also understand what Uzo wrote...he's right too.