Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What if We were Real?

Hi guys, lately all I have been listening to is Mandisa's "what if we were real" album.. My last two post have been about this album (This should be my last). I love this album because she shares my heart. I love real people and I try my best to be real with people as well. I know sometimes we are scared of what people would think of us or make of us.

I found an interview about the making of the album and I thought I should share it with you all. She answered the question- "What if we were real?
I have not mastered being real yet, it gets better by the day and I pray God gives us the grace :)


  1. 'I love real people'... me too. :-)

  2. Pretence is a waste of time... Like a complete waste of time. Life is too short to live unreal. I try to be as honest/real as I possibly can, when I realize people are not being honest with me, I try as much as I can to distance myself a day at a time.
    Sometime I wish there is a machine that can show what pple are honestly thinking/wishing behind all the "smiles" and "compliments". Great post :)

  3. Hiiii MOH:) Thanks

    @ 9jafoodie! You can't be more right.. Hopefully if we all keep making the effort it would rub off on other, cos i think most times its jsut the fear of the unknown.
    Hahahaha@ the machine to detect "realness"