Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers' Day

To many this day carries all wonderful memories, to others a mixture of challenging and wonderful days and to others father's day is pure bitterness.

We never choose the dad we have but God gave them to us. Some obeyed God's words and treated us as very valuable gifts. Some just missed it either because of ignorance or negligence.

However, whatever the case might be for you today, remember that you have a father who supercedes all earthly fathers.

When I recieved my last tuition for my university studies- I had tears of Joy! You might think thats not worth tearing up for... but it did, just cos I realised all the sacrifice he made to pay all my tuition and sustain me here.

While I was thinking about all these, I realised it was God who loved me first and that broke me evenmore. He is the father to all.. to those who have fathers and even the fatherless.  Even when our earthly father's can meet our needs He always sents some one to feel the void and meet those needs.

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