Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Should I do???

Sometimes I find myself in a place where I need to choose or decide between two very good options. Now these decisions do not have to do with anything being ungodly. It is not a decision whether to tell the truth or lie, neither is it about loving or hating. It is nothing evil.

There are life decisions we are faced with everyday such as should what type of industry should I work in? What schools should my kids attend? What car should I buy? What city should I move to? These questions have two equally good options. I have heard a number of times that after the decision to surrender you life to God, choosing you life partner is a very crucial decision that if missed, could mare you for life. In situations like this a girl or guy may be faced with deciding between two guys or girls respectively. These are the kind of decisions I’m talking about.

Now there are the basic things we have to ensure that we consider before making any decision such as ---- is the decision I'm making in line with God's words, does it glorify Him? What’s the motive behind these decisions? Now you could answer all these questions and yes the two options you are faced with, either of them have equal opportunity of providing what you want and you will not be disobeying God by doing either of them.

SO NOW WHAT???? How do I decide what course to read in the university- when both of them will land me in a good paying job? How do I decide what city to move to? - When either Calgary or Toronto look like very good options. Also I have two girls or guys (depending on who is reading) to choose from- they both seem to meet my basic requirements-- so what next?

I'm scared to do anything that is out of God's will for me. Now all the above needs mentioned are all good things we aspire to get. The bible even says that we will not lack any good thing... (There you go.. a bible verse to back up your prayers) However, the bible does not specifically say Calgary over Toronto or engineering over law or does it mention that Samantha will make a better wife than Ruth.

So how do we go about making all these tough decisions we are faced everyday?? How do you do it? How do you ensure that you are making the right decision- that is according to God's will for your life as well?

There are people God clearly speaks to even today as He did back in the day. You and I will know that those were unique experiences- even in the bible. God only spoke clearly to few people in the manner he spoke to Abraham and other prophets. Other heard from Him in various ways (please share yours- someone might just be waiting to verify if God is speaking)

You have prayed, you have fasted, you have listened yet-- God has not called your name yet to clearly state what course you should read or who you should marry (and all the other decisions you may have to make). So what next?

I personally think it all comes down to our individuality. One man’s meat is another man's poison. God has created us uniquely, with very unique life plans. In a situation like this it is time for us to be truthful with ourselves. One thing I have come to learn is that we do not just find it easy to lie to other people most times but it is super easy for us to lie to ourselves.

Now what do I mean- you’re trying to decide between Engineering or Medicine- you clearly have serious hatred and dislike for mathematics yet you want to force yourself into engineering... (You are so on your own) Biology might not be your best friend but other course. Buying a Benz or a Toyota-- your bank account and circumstances surrounding you has the answer to this- yet it is a benz you want ( you really can’t afford it). Samantha is Godly, Ruth is Godly however in other basic things like cleanliness, family values and expectation- Samantha is on another spectrum from you ( yet her beauty ...hmmm :D) Ruth has similar principles like you do ( not as beautiful as Sam). She is too quiet for you and overly critical. Which do you choose? I'm sure you get my drift. There are numerous scenarios out there that make it difficult for one to make the decision.

Given the above scenarios and many more we face every day, all you can really ask God for is WISDOM to make the right choice because sometimes even when God helps us decide, we find it hard to obey or we start asking if it is really God speaking.. If we do not personally decide to go a particular direction God will not force us. (Tho sometimes he does- which is when it hurts) but most times he lets us learn our lessons on our own (true story: D).

WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING- wisdom to be able to see things the way God sees it. Wisdom to understand who we are - our strengths and weaknesses. Wisdom to truly understand what we want out of life. The things we can tolerate and those we can’t. Wisdom to know when to quit and when to persevere and many more.

WISDOM IS THE PRINCIPAL THING--- lets go for it and let’s ask for it every day and every step of the way.

Please share your decision making process- for some tough decisions you have had to make and lets all learn from each other

Love always


  1. Sometimes all the wisdom you need is found in common sense and in your gut instincts, that’s why God gave them to us, even when you think your instincts have stirred you wrong, wait for it, there’s a reason... and we should never be afraid to make mistakes, it's what builds us up, and makes us Younick ;) (Now I'm not talking about making mistakes that you could have learned from others but your own personal mistakes/experiences). .. Guess that’s my 2 cents

  2. so true..
    i hate when im stuck trying to decide between things...
    Sometimes I let my inner peace guide me but honestly, most times, i'm so troubled that i cant even figure out what decision i'm at peace with.those times i just pray for God to lead me. block the paths that aren't His will and trust that even if the path i take leads to something horrible, he'll use that horrible path and that mistake in His big plan for my life.
    Sometimes God reminds me that i have to trust in the fact that i have Jesus is my heart and i have the mind of Christ therefore my heart desires are His will and if they aren't, i have the 'mind' to know.

    And one more thing, i believe God lets us face 'decision making' so that we can use our heads. if you try closing your eyes and praying to God to lead when crossing the road, theres a chance that you'll be hit by a car. we need to use our heads sometimes. thats why God gave us common sense..:)

  3. Mo and Yetti, please write for my bloggggg!! You both hit the nail on the head.. Thanks for your insights. xoxoxo

  4. who would've thought that i would really need to use this in my life in just a weeks time?..Nightingale you are heaven sent!

  5. Awwwww.. thanks darl and thank God it was helpful:) Guess i should continue writing and not be too discouraged.