Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol

AI is one show I look forward to every year:) The past two years have not been really exciting.. but with the new changes, I have been feeling more optimistic about the show this year. Season 10 began yesterday and I thought it was a great start! I love the new judges and even our very own Randy!

I love the audition phase because it is mind blowing what people think of themselves or what they have been told. Last nite I told my sis and friend .. that some people must be really good at lying to make some of those contestants feel they can sing! And they said "or maybe some people are just so confident in their singing abilities".. hahahaha!

Highlights of the night!
1. One of the contestants.. and Asian lady was asked which of the judges she looked forward to seeing and she said Ellen Degeneres- " Like seriously, what season does she think she is in???? " !

2.  Tiffany Rois a contestant who has be blessed with "back and front" like she said. She has a nice voice but i think she was just too dramatic! She got "yes"es from the judges but the said the yes was only to her singing! The babe unleashed her "silver star" boobs while she was singing! SMH seriously! Oh I almost forgot! Poor Ryan Secreast- she was pretty much forcing the guy to look at her "back" to see how endowed she is.. hahahaha!

3. Rachel, who was a contestant in 2006 was remembered by JLO! Now I'm interested to see how she will perform! She was just ok last night!

4. Saving my best for the last! Travis Orlando! I love it when I see people who are beautiful but inside and out side! He life story was very touching. When his dad got ill and lost his job, they were relegated  to living in shelters and struggling to survive everyday! Such a cute little boy!  He also has a very cute twin brother! My sis said he reminded her of Bruno Mars - I concur! He sang two songs but "I'm Yours" by Jason Marz was just amazing! he made the song his! I'm just excited to see how far he will go :) When he got the Ticket to Hollywood, you should have seen the joy on his family's faces!

More updates as often as CMA lets me.. :)

photocredit: yahoo!mucic- canada!

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