Friday, January 21, 2011


I do not hold a very strong love for my yesterdays,
But I certainly love the people I met in it,
I may not have been the best of choices,
Yet somehow you found me good enough.
Those days wen my bed was my safe haven,
And my room felt a little bit like heaven,
My pencil was my only weapon of war ,
And the paper ,where I poured my tears.

The moments where I really couldnt answer
the question y?where laughing wuz not
part of my to-do-list,you were there,
like the sun that rises in the mornin,
my push,my go ,my get up,my will

I was afraid of wakin up every single day,
But I did n for some reason u were there,
Even in the moments where no words
Were said,I felt u like a shield.

The days u let me cry on ur shoulders,
u stayed up to listen to everyway I felt,
you showed me love I cant explain,
and I drank it in like apple juice.

Im glad u let my Big guy use you,
To bring me joy like music does,
Its amazin how we made it thru,
merci,gracias,obrigado,danke sehr,
In every single language thank you,

My eyes r teary as I write,
Not because im sad or hurt,
But because  im just in awe
Of wat we share,like communion
U healed me n made me strong.

Four reasons y I made it thru,
Four girls who allowed me to live,
Four walls that shielded me from the pain,
Four friends who r now my sisters….

                Dedicated to eno,uk,ini n kapnie…love u guys

By HjR

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