Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been contemplating deleting or keeping this blog until last sunday, when one of the reasons  I loved writing on this blog became fresh to me again!

I wanted to stop it because I to me I was not consistent or most times I just lacked what to write or just not in the mood to write. It was beginning to look like one of those abandoned blogs! So deleting it was just the easiest option. Cos it was beginning to look like something i failed at and that I can't stand.  So deleting it was the best option.

Then on sunday, I heard the second part of the most amazing message. And I thought of where I could recap it and share how the message ministered to me - and i remembered the deleted blog:). More than anything sharing the messages I hear only solidifies the word for me.. I realized when ever I did that I always remember the key lessons in that message and when you all share your opinions it brings out much more lessons.

So I may not have all the time in the world to write everyday.. but as often as I am moved and have something pressing to share- I will.

For you all who took your time to read my post thank you:) Just so you know.. you can also write for the blog!

I'm sure you all are having a fantastic year alreadyy... or if yours has been drama filled like me... pls get really excited.. cos the best is around the corner.

Love you all.


  1. ..yeaiiiiiii...welcome back Ms.Flo. we missed you :D.

  2. Welcome back & happy new year :)

  3. awww... thanks Jayce and Shakky:)

  4. You're back! I forgot to query you about leaving in the first place

  5. Hahahaha! Yettiiii.. lol..lol no tangible reason o..lol.